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About  theArtist

Over the years I have ventured into many different areas to help satisfy my strong desire to be artistic: hair styling, stained glass, leather work, and custom home decorating. Recently, I discovered a new outlet to express my creative talents, developing fashionable clothing using an ancient technique called Nuno felting. Using this technique I also have expanded my portfolio to include other felted items such as wall hangings, hand bags, place mats and book covers. Through this wonderful medium I am able to create unique and elegant garments that truly can be called contemporary wearable fiber art.

About  theArt

What is Nuno Felting?

Nuno felting is a technique that involves interweaving loose wool fibers into an open weave material to produce fabric. The process begins by placing loose strands of fibrous materials (called "rovings"), such as Merino wool, in vibrant colors over a canvas of fine open weave cloth, like hand dyed silk chiffon. The various fibers are arranged in such a way as to create a lovely and unique piece of art. The fibers are then wetted down with soap and water and delicately worked into the silk by hand. The fabric is then “fulled” by rolling the material in bubble wrap and vigorously rubbing and rolling to shrink, shape and strengthen the fabric. The result is a unique and artistic piece of strong yet soft and light weight felted fabric. That fabric is then crafted into an exquisite and beautiful fashionable garment such as a jacket, dress, skirt, shawl or hat. These items are then embellished with felted flowers, buttons, feathers, or other materials to further enhance the vibrancy of the garment. Through this wonderful medium unique and elegant garments are created that truly can be called wearable fiber art.


How Long Does it Take to Make Each Item?

Every item is different size and personality, so there is a lot of flexibility in the process, however I don't stop perfecting each item until it is exactly how I envisioned it. Although, a typical time range is anywhere between 1 day (ie: a hat) and 2 weeks (ie: a jacket) depending on detail and design. 


Can I Request a Personalized Item?

Absolutlely! I would request from you a color scheme of your liking, your body measurements, and generalized design idea. Please understand this process is an artistic creation and not an exact science, so I will do my best to interpret your desires while working with the personality of the materials. I can either make you something entirely new out of your visions, or I can re-construct something that I already have on stock to fit you just the way you like. If you are interested in a custom order, please email me or fill out my contact form and I will send you a custom order form.


Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

I find inspiration in magazines, world events, current trends, nature, color schemes, dreams and all over!
I create my art based on my life experiences and my constant desire and passion to create.


How Do I Care For My Garment?

These garments are “one of a kind” made with hard work and love. They can be hand washed in warm water with wool specific soap, such as Woolite® Extra Delicates Care to preserve color and shape, then rolled in a towel to absorb the moisture, caution some colors may run, and then lay flat to air dry or press with an iron using the wool setting.  

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